Upscale Night Clubs in San Antonio

Upscale Night Clubs in San Antonio

There are numerous upscale night clubs in San Antonio to consider when the sun goes down and you want to relax or have fun. These establishments have full range amenities and prices.

Major among them include:

Esquire Tavern

This club serves a wide range of foods including ham nachos and green eggs. It also serves different drinks including cocktails. It has a dark art décor as well as comfy and tall booths.

Zinc Bistro & Bar

This club serves champagne and wine as well as cocktails. It has both outside and indoor spaces. The establishment has a kitchen too but it is closed at midnight.

The Garden Bistro Bar

This is a great club to visit whenever you want to have fun. It features Wednesday nights, college Thursdays and Bamboleo Fridays. All these are days when you can have great entertainment at discounted prices.

The Havana Bar

This club brings Cuba to you. It is a jazz and cigar club with strong martinis, delicious tapas, and comfortable leather sofas. It is open from Sunday to Thursday up to midnight and on Friday and Saturdays until 2 a.m.

The Davenport

This club has 14-foot ceilings as well as 20 foot bar that feature craft beer as well as specialty martinis. It also features guest DJs, local artists, and live music. The music that is played in this club will make you snap your fingers and tap your foot till it closes.

Ivory Lounge

This establishment has a pristine décor that acts as a DJ’s backdrop. It has spectacular light effects and dance floor. It is open until 2 am all days except on Sunday and Monday when it closes at midnight.

If you are looking for upscale night clubs in San Antonio, consider visiting any of these clubs. It’s important that you check the fee and prices of food and drinks in these clubs to determine the amount of cash to carry.