Top 10 Nightclubs San Antonio

Top 10 Nightclubs San Antonio

Top 10 nightclubs San Antonio establishments provide great places to relax and have fun. Do you want whiskies galore, craft beers, or the best Tex-Mex? Then consider visiting any of these San Antonio nightclubs.

1. Garden Bistro Bar

This is the club to visit when you want to experience San Antonio entertainment at its best. It features Karaoke Wednesdays, College Thursdays, Bamboleo Fridays, and Ladies Saturdays. Although you will always get awesome entertainment whenever you visit the Garden Bistro Bar, these days are the best to go there. That’s because you benefit from great offers of this club whenever you visit on any of these days.

2. The Bonham Exchange

The Bonham Exchange nightclub has fantastic lighting. It is among the most extravagant nightclubs in town. This establishment has a spacious dance floor and it hosts great artists including foreign musicians. The club is a favorite spot for many locals. Everyone is welcome to this club regardless of their sex, race, sexual preference or age.

3. Cowboys Dancehall

Just like the name suggests, this is the club for cowboys and cowgirls. It also has a spacious dance floor for people that want to dance to country music. There are times when this club offers drink specials. Cover charges vary depending on the kind of entertainment that is provided. Cowboys Dancehall provides a wide range of entertainment that includes cage fighting, live country music performances, and teens Sunday nights.

4. The Granary Cue and Brew

This club is famous for an innovative barbecue that is made of local meat. It also serves great beer from local breweries. It also charges varying cover charges depending on the provided entertainment.

5. La Tuna Ice House

This club is named after the pear cactus fruit. It is an old-school icehouse club near South town district. Its setting is characterized by picnic tables. It is a favorite destination for thirsty weekenders.

6. The Brooklynite

This club is the epicenter of the cocktail culture in San Antonio. It has savvy mixologists that are always coming up with new cocktails. Innovation is at the core of the tradition of this club.

7. Ocho

This club is among the most pleasant River Walk spots. It has vaulted steel and glass conservatory houses and a topical décor. It has tables even in the outdoor patio and it features live music performance most weekends.

8. The Esquire Tavern

Dark, swank, and cool are some of the terms that describe the Esquire Tavern. This classic club along the famous River Walk attracts different customers that range from politicians to hipsters. It boasts of being the longest club in Texas, measuring more than 100ft.

9. The Friendly Spot

This is an open air club. It serves more than 180 craft brands. Out of these, 25 are Texas brews. It also serves pup and Mexican food. This is the place to go when you want to taste local brews.

10. Thirsty Aztec

This club is located along River Walk. It has an open lower level that allows people to walk in and out any time. It serves different drinks including margaritas.

If you are in town and planning to go to a nightclub, consider one of these top 10 nightclubs San Antonio establishments.