San Antonio Nightclub

Welcome to Hotel Discotheque, this is the most unique San Antonio nightclub venue in the city of San Antonio Texas. We invite everyone including the chic-hipsters, the old school clubbers, former ravers, nightlife owls, in simple terms, everyone is invited at Hotel Discotheque to have a great time.

Hotel Discotheque is a fantastic place to come with family, friends or a date. We have a great patio section with a main room and a full kitchen and bar known as the Hideout, for the more lounge requests. Our full bar is complete and our dance floor is large and plentiful. Apart from getting your groove on and dancing, Hotel Discotheque is known for holding weekly events. These events bring people from different walks of life together.

With an amazing nightclub light show and great music playing, Hotel Discotheque is simply the best nightclub in San Antonio Texas. We provide everything required to have a blast. Our drinks are reasonably priced, in fact, we are the club that provides inexpensive mixed drinks because we know that they are part of the nightlight of this town. Our bartenders are experienced professionals, trust in them to promptly attend to you, even when this venue gets packed.


Saturdays Nights

Check-In-Saturdays make the weekend busy at Hotel Discotheque. The venue attracts a large crowd of Texas party goers from all over the state. If you are in town and you want to have a great weekend, check-in to Hotel Discotheque for an awesome weekend clubbing experience.

Fridays Nights

Hotel Discotheque provides 5 Star Fridays. We are about having fun to the fullest. Therefore, we provide the best weekend partying experience during 5 Star Fridays. Why don’t you check in this Friday to see if you’ll get lucky?

Thursday Nights

College Night Thursdays will never get better anywhere else than at Hotel Discotheque. We provide the best College Nights to students throughout the San Antonio and surrounding areas. We bring back the good ole college days. Check in this Thursday to enjoy our college night experience at its best!

Nightlife San Antonio

Hotel Discotheque is at the center of the San Antonio nightlife. We host the most memorable parties in the city. We bring you the finest local and world-class entertainers. This venue is frequented by the most famous celebrities in the world, and whatever your taste is, we’ve got you covered.

We have the best theme bars and top quality atmosphere with great music, friendly staff, and fun for everyone. We are open from 10 pm to 2 am Thursday, Friday and Saturday so, feel free to pop in any time and have a great time. Hotel Discotheque has been voted the best and friendliest San Antonio nightclub.

If you want to enjoy the best part of the nightlife of this city, visit us at Hotel Discotheque. You can also host a holiday party here or have a great time with your crew.

Our Specialty Drink Menu

Are you thirsty? Then quench your thirst while catching up with friends at Hotel Discotheque. We mix up amazing cocktail recipes, we also provide a wide range of wines and beers. Whether you need the best beer, wine, or handcrafted cocktails in San Antonio, you will find them at Hotel Discotheque.

We also provide awesome drink specials, essentially, we have a full cocktail and bottle menu that includes some of the most popular classic drinks and brands. So, if you want to try classic drinks, come to Hotel Discotheque, and don’t be surprised if you discover your new favorite cocktail during your visit.

Danceclub San Antonio

The Hotel Discotheque is equipped and built to handle live concerts along with live DJs. We have a perfect atmosphere for non-stop partying. We have live music along with live Djs performing in a high-energy setting of this venue. Get onto the dance floor and practice your new moves any time. You can also join talented musicians and rock out to your all time favorite songs.

We play all types of music including hip-hop, EDM, dance and latin including reggaeton. Nightlife is basically at its best at Hotel Discotheque. We have the most interactive and energetic setting that creates a perfect atmosphere to hold any special event. Whether you want to celebrate a bachelorette party, a holiday party, a birthday party, or any type of a group event, Hotel Discotheque is bound to make your night memorable.

We guarantee you nothing but a fun-filled night. You will get the best opportunity to dance in a perfect atmosphere when you come to this dance venue in San Antonio.

A Top Rated Nightclub in San Antonio

Hotel Discotheque hosts the best artists and DJs from different parts of the world. If you want to dance to the best dance music in San Antonio. We have hosted the best musicians in different genres in the past.

You will find the best artists and bands performing live in this venue on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Our dance floor is packed with energetic party goers whenever we host live music. Nevertheless, you can always reserve your table within one of our exclusive VIP sectionals.

Hotel Discotheque is about total entertainment. Our live music shows are centered on party anthems and dance hits. These will get you up and dancing any time everyone starts dancing to these anthems and they hit the dance floor in no time, so, be prepared for a great dancing experience. Be sure to check out one of our sister night clubs in san antonio.

A Perfect San Antonio Nightlife Experience

At Hotel Discotheque, we strive to provide more than a safe venue for live music and energetic dancing. We adapt to the changing trends of time. Our mission is to expose you to a perfect nightlife in the city of San Antonio. We introduce fresh party ideas while maintaining a perfect space for everyone to have fun.

Regardless of your ethnicity, sex, race, sexual preference, or age, you are bound to have a brilliant nightlife experience at Hotel Discotheque. So, come out and head to Hotel Discotheque, a place where you have the freedom to be who you really are without victimization. Enjoy quality moments with friends or strangers without fearing criticism as this is our legacy.

Plan To Visit?

Hotel Discotheque is the place to be when you want to unwind, sip your favorite drink in an awesome atmosphere, or dance to your favorite songs. We maintain a perfect setting for anyone. Visit Hotel Discotheque whenever you want to have fun in a San Antonio danceclub venue that has a distinctive atmosphere. We promise to make you feel good and enjoy a perfect night of entertainment!

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