San Antonio 80s Dance Clubs

San Antonio 80s Dance Clubs

Classic songs such as “I wanna dance with somebody by Whitney Houston”, “Billie Jean by Michael Jackson”, or “Gloria by Laura Branigan”, were popular in the 1980s. Today’s music industry is dominated by electronic dance music and it is not easy to find a club that frequently plays 80s dance songs. Fortunately, there are San Antonio 80s dance clubs that are widely reputed for playing these songs.

Many people who want to listen to the 1980s classic music may find it challenging especially if they don’t know where to buy them. However, there are DJs who have taken this opportunity to keep dance floors lively and radiant by playing distinctive 80s dance songs. In many occasions, these clubs are frequently by the older generations who are well-versed with this kind of music. For the 21st generation, this kind of music is outdated for them and it is rare to visit such clubs.

One criterion that DJs in San Antonio 80s dance clubs have employed is setting aside sessions for such music genre. The 80s dance music is much cooler and DJs who embrace the opportunity of playing such music in their playlist have been a great attraction in many clubs in San Antonio.

Here are some of the clubs where you can listen and dance to 1980s songs:

  • Hotel Discotheque- The club has been a great attraction among revelers as the local DJ normally invites guest DJs that are well acquainted with the 80s classics.
  • Brass Monkey- It is not only known for cheap drinks but also one of a kind 1980s music played by skilled DJs. The club also enjoys listener diversity from young to older.
  • Phantom Room- As you enjoy your drink, you can also listen and dance to the best 1980s classics. The club also has different DJs session and the music is always exclusive.
  • Jazz TX- Best for unique 80s dance music and great food. Customers have always praised the bone marrow and brisket tacos served in the dance club.

Are you wondering where to listen and dance to the best San Antonio 80s dance clubs? Fret not. Hotel Discotheque is the home of classic 1980s music and you will also enjoy great drinks and meals as you party. You can bring a friend or two to moonwalk like Michael Jackson.