Latin Clubs in San Antonio TX

Latin Clubs in San Antonio TX

When it comes to the nightlife experience, San Antonio, TX has so much to offer. The city is dominated by American and Hispanic cultures that are well represented in the entertainment scene. Even as other cultures struggle to put their mark on the city’s nightlife, there are still several Latin clubs in San Antonio, TX that partygoers can visit to enjoy great Latino tunes. Some of the best Latin clubs in the city include;

Hotel Discotheque

To connect with your body via music and rhythms of South and Central America, visit Hotel Discotheque. This Latin club plays some of the best Latin tunes. This is the place where you can dance to great Latin tunes like reggaetone, meringue and salsa. The spacious dance floor of this club allows you to practice all your Latin dance moves easily and comfortably.

Arjon’s International Club

For over twenty years, the Arjon’s International Club has been serving Latino music. Situated along Tesoro Drive, the club is an ultimate spot for revelers who want to listen and dance to live Cumbia, Bachata, Merengue, Reggaeton and Salsa music. Besides, it also offers free salsa lessons for 18 years and above every Sunday night.

Garden Bistro Bar

The Garden Bistro Bar is another exquisite spot with an iconic Latin flair. The club serves food, drinks and also features DJs spinning the best mix of electronic and Latin tunes. The bar and dance floors are enhanced with contemporary Latin ambience and flashy lighting that gives revelers the ideal party environment.

Salud Tequila Bar

Salud Tequila Bar is another great spot to consider whenever you are looking for Latin clubs in San Antonio, TX. The bar serves a premium selection of tequila, specialty drinks, and beer as well as Latin music to spice up the party. For the most fulfilling experience, Salud Tequila Bar is dressed up in unique art and furnishings with a Mexican accent.


While Luna is mainly a jazz spot, it also showcases electrifying Latino nights on Wednesdays where you can catch up on live Salsa beats. In the dimly-lit and cozy setting, patrons also get to enjoy delicious cocktails and dancing. Even if you are not into dancing, the bar also features plasma screens showing local games that you can treat your eyes to as the night progresses.

Other Latin clubs in San Antonio, TX that you can also visit while in the city include Azuca Nuevo Latina, Ivory Lounge, and Tonic among others.