Five Star Fridays

Five Start Friday Nights

Friday Nights at the Hotel Discotheque provide the best entertainment and partying experiences. The Hotel Discotheque is basically the place to get an unforgettable 5 Star Fridays experience.

We feature special guests from different parts of the world and the hottest entertainers. We also provide original San Antonio VIP night life on Friday nights. So, if you want to party like a VIP, come to the Hotel Discotheque this Friday.

We serve a wide range of drinks on Fridays. In fact, we offer drink specials without cover charges. We also ensure little or no waits for our guests. So, get VIP partying experience this Friday at the Hotel Discotheque.

Personalized Service

When you show up at the Hotel Discotheque on a Friday night, you are personally guided through the nightclub especially if you had booked reservations. Our professionally trained and experienced VIP hosts will guide you and make sure that you are comfortable throughout the night. They will take care of you in a special way and ensure that you have an epic Friday night.

Come to the Hotel Discotheque on a Friday for:

  • Date night

  • Birthday

  • Local entertainment

  • Bachelorette party

  • Bachelor party

  • Ladies night out

  • Work party

  • Single entertainment

  • Tourists entertainment

Perfect Weekend Peak

At the Hotel Discotheque, Friday nights are the weekend’s peak. And, we want you to have the best experience every Friday. That’s why we bring you the best live performances and DJs that know how to entertain. Rest assured that you will dance to your favorite hip pop, EDM or any other beat all night long.

The Hotel Discotheque is the place to start the weekend and experience San Antonio nightlife at its best. Visit the Hotel Discotheque this Friday and rest assured that you will enjoy a 5 Star Fridays experience that you will never forget.