Bars and Clubs San Antonio

Bars and Clubs San Antonio

Although we live in the times for tinder dating, it sometimes feels great to mingle with women in bars and clubs San Antonio venues. However, the prospects of interacting with women in bars and clubs can be daunting. That’s because some of them are surrounded by their friends while others are straight or single. Nevertheless, you can still be lucky and find a woman that is ready to spend quality time with you if you follow these tips.

Never Assume

San Antonio bars and clubs are generally acceptable places for any single person to mingle and even hook up. However, this is not the sole reason for going to a club or a bar in San Antonio. Therefore, don’t presume the reason why a person that you meet in a club or bar in San Antonio went there. Essentially, not every lady in a club or a bar is looking for a man or hook up. Therefore, be ready for disinterest. And, don’t feel bad if a woman rebuffs you. Instead, be forthcoming regarding your intentions and friendly.


You will draw the attention of more women if you look like someone that is having fun. Dancing will show single ladies that you are a coordinated and relaxed person. Although you may not be a great dancer, many women will appreciate the fact that you don’t take yourself extremely serious and the spontaneity with which you get to the dance floor. Many men don’t like dancing. Therefore, use dancing as a means to get close to women physically in a low-key and stand out.

Use Body Language Positively

Bars and clubs San Antonio venues get populated some times. If you sit in a corner folding your arms, you definitely won’t attract the attention of women in a bar or a club. Therefore, go to the populated areas. Use positive body language to make women know that you are interested in mingling with them. Hold a drink comfortably and relax your arms instead of fidgeting nervously. What’s more, avoid being buried in your Smartphone throughout. Always remember that you are in a club to socialize and have fun. So, smile always and make every minute that you spend in a club or a bar count.

Smell Good

You will attract women subconsciously if you smell good. Many women consider nice-smelling men as highly attractive. Basically, people in San Antonio clubs and bars are generally sweaty. Therefore, it will be very important if you smell pleasant. Wear a deodorant that has a subtle smell. Generally, a roll-on works better than a spray. So, wear one and then use signature cologne to top it off.

If you prefer meeting and connecting with great women in bars and clubs San Antonio venues, follow these tips and you will definitely be lucky.